About This

About Me? No.

Who I am isn’t really any big secret…
but it isn’t particularly important ether.


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

This website exists as a medium for educating people and sharing excitement about awesome technologies – particularly: blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. The tools, projects, ecosystems, problems, and solutions that they will inevitably bring into the world are also addressed here.

I’m just “some random guy” on the internet that gets incredibly excited when technologies empower individuals. Extra excitement ensues if the technologies could disrupt and disempower corrupt and oppressive governments, large corporations, and banks too-big-to-fail.

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts are going to give power back to the individual. Decentralization is going to make the world more democratic. Organizations will find it increasingly difficult to hide corruption and spread misinformation thanks to these technologies. Spinning these powerful  digital tools into products, services, autonomous organizations, and platforms is going to change civilization forever – for the better.

I believe, without any doubt at all, that a decentralized virtual computer is going to revolutionize modern life. The implementation of such a machine that scales most quickly, is invested in most heavily, is designed most robustly, develops most smoothly, and attracts the largest community is going to quickly become indispensable in the not-too-distant future.

Very few people would want to return to a time without the internet… and someday, sooner than most yet realize, people are going to feel exactly the same way about this then-ubiquitous, global, virtual computer.

Luckily, for everyone alive from this point on, such a virtual machine exists right now and is being improved upon in all the ways required to become remain the de facto implementation. It’s called Ethereum and if you’re going to want to compute with it, then you’re going to need some Ether to cover the cost.

Full disclosure: I bought into Bitcoin before most people knew it existed. Not enough to end up fantastically wealthy today, but enough to keep me learning about the tech involved. I was as excited about Bitcoin a few years ago as I am about Ethereum today. Anticipating that Ether will be extremely useful for almost everything in the future, I invested in a few.

I’m unabashedly, fanatically, excited about blockchains in general, and the Ethereum platform in particular.

I’m so glad these blockchain technologies are here, that the space is innovating so rapidly, and that I can share my enthusiasm with everyone on the internet.