Crypto: The Wrong Bubble?

Looks like the S&P500 is priced at
3 Standard Deviations above the 200 DMA.
Last time we saw that it was 24 March 2000.

@PrestonPysh, Twitter on 27-Jan-2018

As I’ve said before, it seem that everything is in a bubble.

Fiat currencies and central banking aren’t the solutionthey’re the problem.

I’m passionate about blockchains. I’m excited about decentralization, autonomous organizations, cryptocurrencies, and uncensorable dApps.

I’m also overwhelmed – with questions about these cutting edge technologies. I want to understand the tech, the politics, and the implications of the blockchain revolution.

Most of all, I want to share what I discover – because broader understanding will lead to greater participation, more rapid adoption, and, subsequently, a better world.