Nov 10 23:30 CST

I’d like to call attention to these facts at this moment:

has about 100 THOUSAND
transactions unconfirmed.

has about 100 TOTAL
transactions unconfirmed.

can be used to send value.

is taking hours.

is taking seconds.

Only Ethereum lets you:
build and interact with DApps.

processed over 1.5x as many
transactions as Bitcoin today.

I just want to be able to point this out later, after the markets catch on.

I’m passionate about blockchains. I’m excited about decentralization, autonomous organizations, cryptocurrencies, and uncensorable dApps.

I’m also overwhelmed – with questions about these cutting edge technologies. I want to understand the tech, the politics, and the implications of the blockchain revolution.

Most of all, I want to share what I discover – because broader understanding will lead to greater participation, more rapid adoption, and, subsequently, a better world.