Crypto: The Sky is Falling

But It Really Isn’t

Crypto is different things for different people. For a significant number of people in the world: it’s hope. It promises the possibility for a future where they can participate in a global economy without the permission of traditional financial institutions (which will not generally service them). For those among us living under powerful despots, openly corrupt democracies, and mismanaged governments – crypto is the possibility to “vote with our wallets” that we want another system… a better, more open and democratic system.

For others, crypto is nothing more than a lottery ticket. These people don’t necessarily care one way or another if the world could be a better place – as long as they can get rich off the hype. They make no distinction between the way the world functions today and the way it could function tomorrow if crypto were to live up to its potential.

In a similar vein, some people consider crypto as nothing more than a tradable number in a nonstop market. For these folks, momentum in any market is appealing. Rumors are profitable and substance is often irrelevant in the short-term. For them, market manipulation is something to be embraced and used against their “competition”.

For still others, crypto is a tool. It is the tool with which they will build new kinds of applications, organizations, and possibilities. In many cases, it is the tool they have been waiting for to realize their ambitions of displacing corporate behemoths and disrupting entire industries.

Then there are those for whom crypto is not simply a solution or a promise of a solution. It is a puzzle. It is a project. A work in progress. It is something to be refined for its own sake.

At the other end of the spectrum – there are people to whom crypto is nothing more than a threat. They do not want the world order upset. The do not want innovation that could decentralize power – in many cases they are clearly benefiting from the current power structures of the world.

Not black and white.
Certainly not green and red.

In truth, like all things involving us humans, most of us are some hybrid of these potential people. Even when we are trying not to be.

Markets can be as irrational as our internal conflicts about who we are – and who we should be. They can be as mercurial as our outlook on the world and as complicated as our understanding of each other.

This is what you are seeing in the crypto market. The conflict within humanity collectively and individually. This is somewhat self-evident, because the technology itself hasn’t changed (since yesterday, or since last month) as much as the market would suggest.

Don’t panic. Don’t be scared – be introspective. Galvanize why you are in this market at all and understand the role you wish to play in this transition between the world of yesterday and the world of tomorrow.

Crypto is going to change the world.
Are you in… or are you out?