Being Involved

Wasn’t rich. Wasn’t  famous. Wasn’t well-connected. Certainly wasn’t a super-dev or a crypto savant. (Still not…) I was just a guy that realized blockchain technologies and decentralized computing platforms would revolutionize everything. I wanted to be part of that.

The potential for these technologies to make the world a better place is real.
I felt compelled to help crypto reach its potential however I could.

I want to share with you some of the (very) small things I’ve done to help the blockchain revolution along. My aim isn’t to boast – it’s to encourage you to do what you can, however small it may seem. It matters. Get involved. Help change the world. Please.

Hello, World! becomes a part of the internet as a result of the author being overwhelmed by blockchain technology and exhausted by the amount of misinformation.


100 Karma Post

I would post things to reddit anytime I ran across something noteworthy that wasn’t already posted. This was the first day I got many upvotes. Over 100 people liked what I had to share.


The Vitalik Incident

I decided to be active on “crypto Twitter” from the very beginning. On this day, Vitalik noticed – and sent me 5.5 ETH. The acknowledgment was great for morale. (Most days I was writing for myself, it seemed.)


1000+ Karma Post

Original content – received over one thousand upvotes on reddit. I was writing about how Bitcoin tx speeds were losing ground to ETH. Someone on YouTube even used the article to make a video.


FontAwesome Inclusion

I advocated for the community at /r/ethtrader to reach out and push for inclusion of an Ethereum icon. They did. Ten days later it was a reality.


Around The World

After being previously contacted by – one of my articles was translated to Chinese and posted on their site. My article, in a language I couldn’t even understand. Very cool.


CFTC Public Comments

Watched the U.S. Senate Committee hearing. Stumbled on a link to leave Public comments on CFTC cryptocurrency considerations. Reviewed ten other public comments and left my own. Suggested other redditors do the same. Positive response. Over sixty additional comments posted in less than a day.


To be continued… for as long as I am able.