The Future of: Bitcoin Futures?

I can only imagine the meeting went something like this:

Consultant Nerd: “Sir, I know you have invested in Bitcoin a while ago. I think you should be aware that Bitcoin forks are a measure of community division. The community is dividing at an ever-accelerating rate. Fracturing the network like this undermines the advantage Bitcoin has from being first. This just isn’t sustainable. This can not be good for Bitcoin.”

Big Wig: “I don’t care about Bitcoin! I care about profits! But if what you say is true, then we better hurry up and profit off of this mania. Get on your computer and develop a program to trade Bitcoin futures!”

Nerd: “Sure, boss.”

Big Wig: “I’ll publish our intentions so I can cash out when it pumps.”

Nerd: “Sir, which Bitcoin will people be trading futures of?”

Big Wig: “BITCOIN you idiot. Get out of my office.”

Nerd: “But, sir, ‘Bitcoin’ is just a prefix now! It’s prepended on…”

* Door Slams *

Educate yourself. This can’t end well for everyone.

1-Nov-2017: Added a few clarifying words.