BCH Broken? Malicious Block Revealed

Bitcoin Cash was maliciously forked at 504032. If you need Bitcoin Cash Reply Protection, please contact: [email protected] . Our Bitcoin Cash Reply Protection is from coinbase transaction after the upgrade in November.


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Approximately 36 hours after the upgrade, a new block has been mined using the old protocol rules. This block 504032 is invalid under the new rules as it uses the old difficulty rules.


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This is probably bad for Bitcoin Cash.


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What it Means #1

My understanding is that BCH has already split into two distinct chains after their last upgrade. Not clear to me how much hashpower is supporting the “malicious” chain. Wording (ie “malicious”) seems to suggest it was intentional. Talk about replay protection sounds like funds could be at risk in certain situations. I’m looking for more info. Brb.

Miners act in their self interest. EDA enabled minority chains to continue, now it is used to continue the BCH minority fork without replay protection.

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What it Means #2

This “malicious” fork – without replay protection – is a direct result of the design decisions that Bitcoin Cash made in order to compete against Bitcoin Core. Now Bitcoin Cash’s “malicious forks” can use these same design decisions against Bitcoin Cash. Ouch.