Internet User? Be Brave!

The blockchain space is filled with lots of ideology, an abundance of theory, and limitless possibility. Luckily, it’s also filled with strong communities, ambitious developers, and a growing number of functional solutions to real-world problems. It doesn’t matter what, if any, crypto assets you are personally invested in – deliverable blockchain-based products and services are good for civilizationand that includes you.

So, if you haven’t already heard about it – I’d like to introduce you to the Brave browser. If you have only heard about it, then I’d like to encourage you to give it a try. I think that you’re probably going to like appreciate it.

Go on, give it a try!

Oh, yeah, if you want to know why – feel free to keep reading.

The Struggle is Real…

See, there’s a power struggle going on right now – a digital tug of war, if you will. If you don’t help the right side gain a little ground, then you may have to keep suffering from barrages of advertisements, incessant data mining, and those inevitable data breaches. If you want a better web, then you’re going to have to get involved.

It’s no secret that a handful of big internet companies have been shaping the web. They have so completely placed themselves between users and advertisers that many internet citizens can scarcely imagine how the internet could function any other way. They browse the internet in a state of complacency – just assuming that everything they search for, look at, or interact with will be logged and sold. These internet companies know that they have awesome power – and they use it to achieve awesome profits.

…The Solution is Real, too.

In reality, this is all anyone could expect these companies to do. Their behaviors are absolutely the result of corporate design. The vast value that the internet unleashed had to go, in some part, to the best-in-class middlemen – primary because there was no decentralizing power yet available. Of course, now there is – because now the blockchain “is a thing”.

The people at Brave have a vision – like most people in the crypto space. But Brave also has a solid plan and deliverable products. They’re not simply aiming to join the ranks of the big internet incumbents by beating them at their same old game. Brave is looking to disrupt the online advertising space by changing the game altogether.

They’ve already designed and have begun to implement an entire platform to change the way that the internet is monetized. You’re going to love their model, because it doesn’t leave you out.

You’re a valuable part of the internet – and the corporations had no incentives to share much of the value you created with… you. The Brave platform will, though. It will also help you distribute value to the content creators of your choice. If that’s not enough – you also get to decide what ads you will see and what data you will share.

BAT & The Brave Browser

Brave has built their platform atop the Ethereum blockchain – so that the whole system can operate openly and everyone can control their own data. The native token for activity within their system is called BAT (Basic Attention Token) – and it’s what allows the platform to align the incentives of users, content creators, and advertisers.

If that sounds too complicated – it’s not. The Brave browser is designed to make participation straightforward. By default, you see no ads and are protected from trackers. (You can choose to see ads, if you would still like to support certain publishers that way. Later, you’ll even be able to receive some value for doing so.) Even without ads, you can support the content creators you most value – by buying BAT tokens and having the Brave browser distribute those according to guidelines that you determine.

If you would rather trade your privacy than invest in the BAT platform – you don’t have to choose. Right now, to on-board users and spread awareness, Brave is giving away one million dollars worth of BAT tokens. That means that you can currently experiment with the platform and its new paradigm at zero cost.

No – what you have now is not “zero” cost! It’s filled with hidden costs, at best.

Go on. Change the world.

I know, you’re probably not used to imagining that your small involvement can change well-entrenched systems. I’m here to tell you that blockchains are leveling the playing field. Yes, it’s still true that the incumbents are both rich and powerful. Don’t forget, though – that they get their power from you: from your data and your attention.

If you change your behavior on the internet, you can change the world.

I know, I know… changing the world sounds so hard – but downloading a web browser sounds so easyso just start with that.