Crypto Guide

If you’re just getting started in this space, it’s easy to get slightly overwhelmed. You should read all you can – start by checking out the short curated list of posts below. I’ll continue to cover all of the basics, with posts written for those new to crypto – and I’ll keep the list up to date. (If you have a question you think should be addressed here but isn’t – please, reach out.)

Top Crypto Questions

  1. How Do I Buy Cryptocurrency on an Exchange in the USA?
  2. Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum?
    1. What is Ethereum?

Understanding Crypto

  1. What’s an Address?
  2. What’s a Fork?
  3. How Do Blockchains Work?
  4. Trust the Blockchain

Investing in / Speculating On Crypto

  1. Crypto’s Misleading Market Caps 
  2. What’s an ICO?
    1. ICOs: Avoid The Lemons

Once You’re Invested

  1. You Need a Wallet that YOU Control
    1. Crypto 101: Hardware Wallet Setup / Guide
    2. Reminder Re: Wallets
  2. What’s an Airdrop?

Consider the Implications

  1. What’s Web 3.0?
    1. Interacting With Web 3.0